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Parachute cord (paracord) is not often associated with crochet, but it turns out to be a very nifty yarn that is strong but flexible, and resistant to mould and rot.

Since it doesn’t mind getting wet, it’s a great material to use for bathroom storage baskets – perfect for keeping kid’s bath toys contained, or storing toiletries.

To make your own, you’ll need to get your hands on some paracord.  I’ve found 2mm micro-cord to be the best to work with, but with a big enough hook, 3mm can work too.

Try an army disposals or outdoors store, or order online.  I ordered mine from Cams Cords.

For 2mm micro-cord, try a 6.5mm or 7mm hook.  For 3mm cord, try a 10mm hook.

To make the basket, follow the instructions on my basic basket tutorial.  For the set in the photo below I made seven rounds for the base plus six rounds for the sides.  The last two rounds are in white to finish the top.

When you’ve finished the basket and woven in the ends, trim the ends so they are approximately 2cm long.  Then using a match or lighter, carefully burn the tips of the ends so that the cord slightly melts.  This will prevent the ends of the cord from fraying.

Paracord comes in some fantastic, bright colours, so play around with colour combinations.

You can pick these ones up in my Etsy shop.

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